Three Weeks Old

Emily had a big day yesterday. Emily hadn’t had a bowel movement since she was born. She has been tolerating her feeds well (She’s on day six of a fifteen day feeding schedule to get her digestive system used to food.), and her abdomen has been distended. Yesterday afternoon the nurses gave her a suppository … [Read more…]

Nineteen Days Old

More pictures of Emily. The one one the upper left was taken yesterday with the top of her isolette off. She is difficult to photograph with both eyes open! The one above was taken today when Jennifer was trying to comfort her. Emily had a good day but a rough evening. We’ve started to notice … [Read more…]

Emily Seventeen Days Old

Emily continues to require large amounts of respiratory support but has been improving slowly. Today her oxygen mixture was reduced to ~65% and she continues to have good blood oxygen saturation levels. The respiratory therapist once again slightly reduced the pressure from the jet ventilator she is on. She has a partially collapsed lung, but … [Read more…]

Emily Two Weeks Old

We had some good news today. Emily was stable all of last night and throughout the day. The doctors have been gradually weaning her off of the jet ventilator, and they started weaning her off of her nitric oxide today. She had a chest x-ray which showed improvement in her lungs. They’ve also started feeding … [Read more…]

Comment on our baby registry

Hello, Words can not describe what I am feeling right now. I am focusing all of my energy on Emily. Therefore I wanted to post a note about our baby registery. I will be removing it soon. Most of the items on there are not apropriate anymore. Tony and I have decided that rather then … [Read more…]