Comment on our baby registry

Hello, Words can not describe what I am feeling right now. I am focusing all of my energy on Emily. Therefore I wanted to post a note about our baby registery. I will be removing it soon. Most of the items on there are not apropriate anymore. Tony and I have decided that rather then … [Read more…]

Day Thirteen; Losing Alexander

Alexander died on Friday, August 11th almost eleven days to the minute after his birth. The yeast infection the doctors thought they had under control suddenly caused him to swell overnight on Wednesday. By Friday morning he was 22 centimeters around in his abdomen. The yeast turned out to be an unusual variety they don’t … [Read more…]

Eleven Days Old

Alexander and Emily both took a turn for the worst yesterday. Both have breathing difficulties because their lungs are so immature. Emily is doing a little better than her brother and seems to be responding to the steroids to help her lungs. Alexander is in serious trouble. His yeast infection seems to have set up … [Read more…]

Nine Days Old

Alex and Emily have started having some breathing troubles. Yesterday they had to be put on 100% oxygen. This morning however, things seemed to settle down. Emily was started on dexamethasone, which should help with her lung development. Alexander however, has been battling a yeast infection, so the doctors want to wait until he gets … [Read more…]

One Week Old

Alexander and Emily have had a big week. Both are doing well. Babies are born with PDA, which is a hole in the heart which closes on its own in full term babies. They gave Alex and Emily a drug to help close the PDA, but told us that it usually doesn’t work on preemies … [Read more…]