Bubble Girl

Emily had an interesting day. The nasal cannula has been drying out her little nasal passages the past day or so. When the nurses try to suction her, she bleeds and then the blood clots in her nose, blocking her airway and creating a vicious circle. As a solution, they put her in a plastic … [Read more…]

Thirteen Weeks Five Days Old

Emily now weighs 1900 grams (4 lbs, 3 oz)! She is still on the nasal cannula. Her nurse said that she (Emily, not the nurse) had one brady overnight for which she required stimulation. Dad took these pictures last night. We especially like the first one where it looks like she’s praying. The physical therapist … [Read more…]

Emily’s Great Leap Forward

Emily now weighs 1880 grams (4 lbs, 2.3 oz) Emily was moved onto the nasal cannula today! The doctor just wanted to try it out for two hours and see how she did. He also expected her oxygen requirements to go up to between 60% and 80%. Emily had other ideas however, and has been … [Read more…]

Three Months Old

After her seemingly large increase in weight last night, we were prepared for her to lose tonight, but no. She was weighed twice tonight to confirm, on the same scale that she was weighed on last night. Emily now weighs 1805 grams (3 lbs, 15.7 oz), frustratingly just shy of 4 lbs. The pressure on … [Read more…]

Thirteen Weeks Old

Emily is exactly thirteen weeks old today. She now weighs 1733 grams (3 lbs, 13 oz). She is tolerating her baths in the evening much better now and doesn’t desat nearly as much as she used to. We found that keeping her vertical helps her with her reflux issue when she’s feeding, so Daddy gets … [Read more…]