Flylady Baby Steps #8

Today we are going to start our “control journal”. It sounds so exciting doesn’t it? 😀 A control journal is a place to put everything that you are probably trying to keep in your head right now… either that or it is on post it notes around. Eventually this will be a place to have … [Read more…]

It is cold.

It is so cold today that no one wanted to do anything. Well Nathaniel wanted to run in a circle on our rug with no socks on, but aside from that, no one wanted to do anything. We went to German class came back home and hid under a blanket (wool quilt blankets are warm!). … [Read more…]

Flylady Baby Steps #7…

Today we are going to pick out our clothes for tomorrow, today. This may not seem like something that would really keep your house clean. However, Flylady is about a whole well being and not just the house. If you don’t like that idea, then if you pick out your clothes today, then you don’t … [Read more…]

Flylady Baby Step #6…

Today is a meaty day! Today we are going to pick one area of the house. JUST one! You are going to set a timer for 2 minutes. This can be any timer that you have. Probably not an hour mechanical timer as those don’t work so well with so little time, but a microwave, … [Read more…]

Very cold and bright…

I am working on something today but I am not quite ready to show it yet so it isn’t in the video. I also spent hours researching today and that is a project for another day as well.