Flylady Baby Step #15

Today’s task is a very easy one. When we get up in the morning we are going to make our bed. This may be something you do anyway, so this is an exceptionally easy one for you. However if you are how I was, now is the time to make your bed. Here is Diane … [Read more…]

Shiny things…

Today both boys were able to attend their German school. YAY!! I wasn’t sure about Nathaniel but in the end, I thought it was time. Sadly Tony and I are not doing that well. I am okay as long as I am on Advil but when I am not on it, I feel AWFUL. Tony … [Read more…]

Flylady Baby Step #14

Today we are going to use a calendar. This sounds simple, you may even have an electronic calendar somewhere that you use all the time, but I have found that it is helpful to not just have a calendar to put appointments down on but to put tasks down on too. For instance, every Monday … [Read more…]

Flylady Baby Step #13

Today we are going to look at Flylady missions. These are daily (Monday through Friday) things to do in the zone of the week that we are in. Now zone of the week can be anything they don’t have to follow the Flylady schedule. For me it is easier for me to follow her schedule … [Read more…]

Starting to get back to normal…

I wouldn’t say we are completely back but the kids are slowly doing better and so we are starting to get back to normal. Today Max resumed school. Tomorrow I would like to try to do the same with Nathaniel but that is what I intended to do today and it didn’t happen. However now … [Read more…]