Having fun…

I thought I would post about the last couple of days on here. Here is Nathaniel playing. His hair was wild and there was nothing I could do about it. It was the weather more then anything. Secondly, we have completed our 4th and final step in implementing Accountable Kids program. Because of this we … [Read more…]

Flylady Baby Step #9

Today we are going to declutter a room. This sounds easy enough but it is probably the reason why our houses look dirty the most. Clutter is dirt when it comes right down to it. So for today just take a timer and set it for 5 minutes. Then go to a room, and declutter … [Read more…]

Microsoft vs IOS

When Tony and I got married (or shortly there after) we got a Sony computer that was Microsoft based. It lasted longer then most computers should but around 2012 (I think) we decided to get a new computer and that computer we thought should be an Apple. At the time we switched, Tony at times … [Read more…]

The kitchen of the future from 1949

Yes it is still cold. However there isn’t much more that can be said about that. It was 1 degree this morning and now it is a balmy 15. It is really hard not to make a joke about global warming here but I really shouldn’t. Today I saw this video: This was made 1 … [Read more…]

Flylady Baby Steps #8

Today we are going to start our “control journal”. It sounds so exciting doesn’t it? 😀 A control journal is a place to put everything that you are probably trying to keep in your head right now… either that or it is on post it notes around. Eventually this will be a place to have … [Read more…]