My results with the doctor

I had my ultrasound last night and I got to meet with my doctor then too. He said that my cyst that I had on CD2 is still there and he called it a “functional cyst.” My understanding is that it is producing hormones. He believes that I am going to ovulate sometime in the … [Read more…]

Morning of CD 5

Today I have 2 doctor’s appointments. It normally doesn’t work that way but because I had very short notice and they wanted to be sure they saw me today, this is the way it is. This morning I went down the main clinic. If you were to look it up on a map, look for … [Read more…]

Start of 2nd IUI cycle

I am on CD 4 today. On Saturday I went to the RE and had an Ultrasound and blood work performed. I have a cyst on my ovary and it is too large. They checked my blood levels and determined that I can not start Tamoxiphen yet. I will be going in tomorrow to be … [Read more…]

Background Information

This is to bring everyone up to where we are. We have been trying to conceive since we got married. I went to the doctor in April 2004 for a pre-pregnancy check up and was told I am fine. We progressed as we were until we moved in March 2005. At that point I went … [Read more…]