Day -5

Well I have been taking my Leuprolide for 3 days now. So far it hasn’t been that bad. I think the worst part for me is while I don’t mind people getting blood from me, I don’t like watching the needle go in me. Therefore I am having trouble watching myself stick a needle in … [Read more…]

Pre-injectable cycle

Well I got my instructions for the next 7 days. I am to take 10 units of the Leuprolide every morning until instructed otherwise. I am to take 200 mg of Prometrium twice a day. Lucky for me this is a pill, actually 2 since I have 100 mg capsules. The bad news is it … [Read more…]

Injections Class

Greetings everyone! Well yesterday we went for our injections class. It was interesting. It actually looks like fun though I have yet to give myself an injection yet so the novelty may wear quickly off. Most of the needles are small “subcutainous” needles. For Laural, they are 27g 1/2 inch needles. They look sort of … [Read more…]

Medication Delivery

Hello, Well I just got all of my medication. Who would have thought I would receive a 7 lbs. box of medication that I would have to use all in one month? Does this mean I might actually gain 7 lbs. by the end of the month? Anyway, here is what it contained.1) 30-1/2 inch … [Read more…]


I am now getting my injectables tomorrow morning. So we are going in for the injectable class tomorrow at 3:00. (I hope they don’t use me as a test subject!) I have heard that they use oranges to teach people how to give injections. I have no idea as to what a orange and me … [Read more…]