9 weeks, 3 days

Tony here, posting for Jennifer on account of the computer makes her morning sickness worse. Sorry everyone for the delay in posting. Jennifer has been really sick from the morning sickness. On Wednesday, I had to take her in to the emergency room at P. Hospital. She was suffering from dehydration because of the naseua. … [Read more…]

8 weeks 1 day

Hello! Well yesterday we went in for our third ultrasound. Everything is progressing well. We have 7 ultrasound pictures but I am really not feeling well lately so going to Kinko’s to scan them into the computer will have to wait till the weekend. Our babies haven’t moved and are in the same positions. Bottom … [Read more…]

6 weeks 4 days

Hello, Well we did it good this time! We saw 3 heartbeats this morning! We are still in a bit of shock but I am recovering. The heart rates are 119, 118, 119 beats per minute. I have bloodwork Tuesday and Thursday of next week then I will have a Ultrasound the following Tuesday. Here … [Read more…]

5 weeks 6 Days

Hello! Well I thought I would give an update. I went in for bloodwork today. So I asked what my last beta result was (from Monday). It was 11,888! I am going to wait till Monday, another blood test, to get the results from today’s test. I imagine it is high. I have been a … [Read more…]

First Ultrasound!

Hello everyone! Well here is the artwork that I promised. The baby is the dot in the center. It looks like we are only having one. So that is good. Less risk and such. I go in for blood work Friday and Monday (next week) and then we have another ultrasound next Friday (the 31st.) … [Read more…]