6 weeks 4 days

Hello, Well we did it good this time! We saw 3 heartbeats this morning! We are still in a bit of shock but I am recovering. The heart rates are 119, 118, 119 beats per minute. I have bloodwork Tuesday and Thursday of next week then I will have a Ultrasound the following Tuesday. Here … [Read more…]

5 weeks 6 Days

Hello! Well I thought I would give an update. I went in for bloodwork today. So I asked what my last beta result was (from Monday). It was 11,888! I am going to wait till Monday, another blood test, to get the results from today’s test. I imagine it is high. I have been a … [Read more…]

First Ultrasound!

Hello everyone! Well here is the artwork that I promised. The baby is the dot in the center. It looks like we are only having one. So that is good. Less risk and such. I go in for blood work Friday and Monday (next week) and then we have another ultrasound next Friday (the 31st.) … [Read more…]

Beta Numbers

Okay since I am getting these frequently and it may be hard to keep track I will post them all here: 12 days past IUI 18614 days past IUI 35017 days past IUI 120219 days past IUI 228321 days past IUI 5430 I have graphed these out using values for singleton and twin pregnancy (though … [Read more…]

New numbers!!

Hello! Well I have my numbers for yesterday. My HCG level is 1202!! My Progesterone is 400! Both numbers are high. I am told that my ultrasound will be next tuesday more then likely. I can’t wait!! Talk to you more Friday with the new results!! Jennifer