My belly at 14 weeks 5 days

Hello Everyone! It has taken me some time to do this but here I am. I wanted to find an outfit that I could wear for a “before” and “after.” Unfortunately I am the one normally taking pictures in this family so there are very few of me!! The “before” picture (Tony and I together) … [Read more…]

Hello it is Jennifer talking this time!

Hello, I thought I would post a message on here since I haven’t done so in a while. As you can see we posted pictures of the babies yesterday. I thought I would also give some other information since people have commented that it took us a long time to post between pictures. I have … [Read more…]

13 weeks 3 days

We went in for another check-up on Thursday, May 18. The babies look like miniature people now! The pictures on the blog don’t do them justice. All were very active. Baby B has already found its thumb, and we could see him or her sucking on its thumb. Then Baby B arched his/her back. While … [Read more…]

9 weeks, 3 days

Tony here, posting for Jennifer on account of the computer makes her morning sickness worse. Sorry everyone for the delay in posting. Jennifer has been really sick from the morning sickness. On Wednesday, I had to take her in to the emergency room at P. Hospital. She was suffering from dehydration because of the naseua. … [Read more…]

8 weeks 1 day

Hello! Well yesterday we went in for our third ultrasound. Everything is progressing well. We have 7 ultrasound pictures but I am really not feeling well lately so going to Kinko’s to scan them into the computer will have to wait till the weekend. Our babies haven’t moved and are in the same positions. Bottom … [Read more…]