Little Miss Emily has HAD ENOUGH . . .

. . . of the oscillator! She was feeling much better today. This evening, Jennifer was singing and playing with Emily. Emily started smiling a lot. She was also extremely active and was constantly in motion until we left to come home. We’ve been told that the doctors have decided that if she self-extubates once … [Read more…]

Ten Weeks One Day – Morning

Greetings, We just got the update from last night. I guess Emily got tired of being on the vent and pulled her tube out twice! The doctor said that her saturation (oxygen saturation in her blood) didn’t go down that much though, and she was debating on just puting her on the C-pap when she … [Read more…]

Ten Weeks Old

Emily is now ten weeks old. She had an uneventful day, but her nurse said she was bad last night. Apparently she was working on a pooh when she got fed. Long story short – there was a big mess culminating in yet another reintubation. Jennifer was finally able to come back into the nursery … [Read more…]

Nine Weeks Six Days Old

Emily now weighs in at 1190 grams (2 lbs, 11 oz.)! She’s growing out of her size micro clothes. (You can see her almost bursting out of her outfit in one of the pictures.) Not too much exciting has happened the past few days. Her oxygen requirements have pretty much been in the 40-50% range, … [Read more…]

Nine Weeks Four Days Old

As of last night, Emily weighed 1180 grams (2 lbs, 10 oz.)! Her feeds have also been increased to 15 cc’s every two hours. Emily had a good day most of Wednesday, but later that evening started desatting badly and needed to have her O2 and MAP (mean airway pressure) increased. Today, she was back … [Read more…]