Three Months Old

After her seemingly large increase in weight last night, we were prepared for her to lose tonight, but no. She was weighed twice tonight to confirm, on the same scale that she was weighed on last night. Emily now weighs 1805 grams (3 lbs, 15.7 oz), frustratingly just shy of 4 lbs. The pressure on … [Read more…]

Thirteen Weeks Old

Emily is exactly thirteen weeks old today. She now weighs 1733 grams (3 lbs, 13 oz). She is tolerating her baths in the evening much better now and doesn’t desat nearly as much as she used to. We found that keeping her vertical helps her with her reflux issue when she’s feeding, so Daddy gets … [Read more…]

Twelve Weeks, Five Days

Not much to report today. Emily had a decent blood gas this morning – the pCO2 was 68. Her weight is 1646 grams, so she seems to have been hovering the past few days, but the scales in the nursery seem to be a bit off, and she was ademic last week, so she’s roughly … [Read more…]

Little Miss Emily Blows Her Top

Emily had another explosive diaper this morning. Later in the day, she moved to an open-top crib! Another big step forward; her isolette was needed by a new baby who was much sicker. It’s kind of wierd that Emily is no longer the sickest baby in the nursery. Her oxygen requirements stay the lowest we’ve … [Read more…]

Twelve Weeks, One Day

Not much changed for Emily today. She was on ~40% oxygen all day, and Mom got to hold her most of the day, which both of them really enjoyed. Better still, the doctors have decided that the heel pricks every morning are no longer necessary and Emily will have blood gases done only as needed. … [Read more…]