Seven Weeks Old

Emily is seven weeks old today. She now weighs 890 grams. A new doctor is on rotation in the nursery for the next three weeks. The past week, Emily’s blood gases have not improved even though the pressures on the ventilator have been steadily increased. The doctors are concerned about trauma to her lungs being … [Read more…]

Emily Six Weeks Six Days Old

Emily has had some (thankfully!) pretty boring days since our last update. Her weight is now 880 grams (1 lb, 15 oz!). She’s moved up one diaper size because the nurses are tired of her exploding diaper trick. One day this week, she went through all three of the outfits Jennifer bought for her in … [Read more…]

Six Weeks and Three Days Old

Emily now weighs in at 860 grams! (1 lb. and 14 oz.) The tiny preemie outfits Jennifer bought for her which used to be so big are now just fitting her, so she needs new clothes already. Her feeds were increased to 11 mls of fortified milk every two hours, and she has had no … [Read more…]

Six Weeks Old

Emily is now six weeks and two days old. Her weight on Monday was 810 grams, but today she weighed in at only 800 grams. However, since she has had three big diapers in the past 24 hours, each over 20 grams, we figure that she actually gained ‘real’ weight. The infections in her eye … [Read more…]

Emily Smiles

Emily had a good day. She was desating (low O2 levels) when we first got there. Which was strange since she wasn’t getting that low before we got there. We had arrived late after trying do a dry run of putting in the car seat, which failed badly, and getting in an hour long traffic … [Read more…]