Emily Eight Weeks Old

I called the hospital this morning to check up on Emily. She now weighs 1030 grams (2 lbs, 4 oz)! She is now 35.5 cm (~15 inches) long, and her head grew another half centimeter this past week.

Petunia the Pig

Emily now weighs 970 grams (2 lbs, 1 oz). She had a pretty good weekend, with excellent blood gases every day which caused the doctors to continue to wean her off of the oscillator. She was extremely active today and seems to have gotten over her respiratory infection. Friday Emily discovered her pig that her … [Read more…]

Emily Has Another Turn Around

Emily was doing much better tonight when we left. Her last blood gas had a pCO2 of 66, and she was on ~60% oxygen when we left. Jennifer says that around 11:30 this morning Emily woke up, opened her eyes and kept smiling at her Mommy. The doctor seemed encouraged when we told him this. … [Read more…]

Quick update

Hello, We got the news this morning that Emily now has another infection in her lungs. She is currently on 100% O2 and her settings on the oscillator have increased. Her CO2 levels have increased as well, last I heard it was at 86. They told us it is bacterial from all indications so far. … [Read more…]

Oscillator Redux, Day Two

Emily gained quite a bit of weight in the 36 hours since she was last weighed. She now weighs 940 grams, or 2 lbs, 1 oz! Emily had a really good day back on the oscillator. Her 3 AM blood gas showed a pCO2 of 31, which is the lowest it’s ever been, so they … [Read more…]