Emily’s Big Move

Emily handled her move on Thursday night well, and she is in a new spot in the nursery. She has been growing at a prodigious rate and now weighs 1480 grams (3 lbs, 4 oz!). Mommy has been able to hold her for the past three days, and Emily seems to enjoy it immensely. The … [Read more…]

Ten Weeks, Three Days, Three Pounds

Yes, Little Miss Emily has finally made it to the three pound mark (1360 grams)! She is currently being treated for yet another respiratory infection. The doctors made some slight adjustments in her ventilator settings today, reducing the number of breaths to 40 per minute, and increasing her pressures. The goal is to try to … [Read more…]

Ten Weeks, Two Days Old

Emily now weighs 1320 grams (2 lbs, 15 oz)! She has almost tripled her birth weight! The settings on her ventilator were slightly increased today and she is now getting 50 breaths per minute from the machine, but her lungs are apparently sounding better. One of her primaries was on tonight and said that Emily’s … [Read more…]

Little Miss Emily has HAD ENOUGH . . .

. . . of the oscillator! She was feeling much better today. This evening, Jennifer was singing and playing with Emily. Emily started smiling a lot. She was also extremely active and was constantly in motion until we left to come home. We’ve been told that the doctors have decided that if she self-extubates once … [Read more…]

Ten Weeks One Day – Morning

Greetings, We just got the update from last night. I guess Emily got tired of being on the vent and pulled her tube out twice! The doctor said that her saturation (oxygen saturation in her blood) didn’t go down that much though, and she was debating on just puting her on the C-pap when she … [Read more…]