When I grow up…

When I grow up I want to be a breeder. I would either like to live in New Jersey or Florida and preferably to be living in an apartment. The animal are named Jeffry a dog, Quack a duck, and Pokey a hedgehog.


Explody is a little Volcano that actually works but is not Real Lava. And by actually works I mean it erupts! It looks like its an actual Volcano but its not. its made out of Clay.

It has been 2 months?? Really??

Hard to believe. We are just doing what we normally do. Tony, Max and I are now vaccinated. Tony and Max are fully vaccinated, and I am… well sort of. I am vaccinated by my immune system may not know it. So no dramatic lifestyle changes… yet. Max passed his A1 exam for German. So … [Read more…]