Jennifer’s Vitamins

I thought this could help some people, or help someone that someone knows.

I have essentially know immunoglobins as the result of chemo I received for Lymphoma. My doctors were all tell me that I should go on immunotherapy, so I would get immunoglobin G every 4 weeks by way of infusion. From my research this would take about 3 hours to do and costs a HUGE amount (hopefully it is covered by insurance) and once you go there, you don’t come back. I was offered to take it just for the winter (sick) months, but it still would be grueling. From what I read it is basically like taking chemo all over again as you often feel awful for a week after treatment.

I didn’t think that sounded like a good idea. So because I am still relatively healthy (hey I did say relatively!) I decided to go a more natural way. I did research and I found an article (here) and wrote my oncologist to find out if anything sounded harmful to me. I got the reply that she didn’t understand why I would take selenium but the rest is fine (PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE STARTING ANYTHING).

So this is how this has translated for me.

  • 1 tablespoon Sovereign Laboratories Colostrum Powder (mixed with about 4-8 oz of water). I take this on an empty stomach (2 hours after, 30 minutes prior to a meal). I take this twice a day.
  • 1 fish oil gel cap twice a day (currently this is Kirkland brand from Costco, I hope to go to Nordic Naturals when this is finished).
  • 1 capsule of Astragalus (currently Nature’s Way 470 mg) twice a day
  • 1 capsule of Echinacea (currently NOW brand 400 mg) twice a day
  • 1 softgel Vitamin A (currently Walmart Spring Valley brand 8000 IU) once daily
  • 1 tablet Vitamin C (currently Walmart Spring Valley brand 1000 mg with rose hips) once daily
  • 1 caplet Zinc (currently Walmart Spring Valley brand 50 mg) once daily
  • **1 caplet Probiotic (currently Nature Wise time release 30 strains, 6 billion CFU) once daily

** I will be adding this in the next couple of days.

I believe that if you were only going to add one of these and you have a condition like mine, I would add the colostrum. That stuff makes me feel better if I am a bit under when I wake up within minutes. It is amazing stuff. I know it is expensive, but this routine isn’t for people that are generally healthy. It is more for people that need something more.

Since I have been on this I have been around sick people and while I wasn’t 100% afterwards, my recovery time was about 1/3 that of what it was prior to starting this. That is why I recommend this.