Snow from this weekend…

This was suppose to be a dusting. It was clearly more though. After German school, Max wanted to go out to play in the snow. Here is what he did! We are actually quite warm right now here, so his snowman has all but melted. However the extended forecast says he has another chance to … [Read more…]

Yes we did get snow!

As you can see it wasn’t a ton, and it was definitely wet but it was snow. πŸ˜€ The children had fun in it. I stayed safe and warm inside. πŸ˜€ It was all so pretty though! In other news, we got a new tv. Nathaniel broke our last TV in July. So we went … [Read more…]

Where did the time go?

Okay I am several days late in updating the blog. However we have been very busy! Last week because of the snow and cold, I couldn’t go grocery shopping. Seeing that I didn’t need plantains from Aldi, I figured shopping with Tony on the weekend wouldn’t be bad. So I put it off. However this … [Read more…]

Janus part 6

As you can see we got a fair amount of snow yesterday/last night. Tony was able to go into work today so the roads are mostly clear except for the ones that people live on. The boys and I will be staying put for a while, if not till Saturday. I have looked at the … [Read more…]