Old dry air

Today I went to the eye doctor and found out I am getting old and the air is dry. I am not so old that I need glasses. I still have 20/20 vision but it now has an asterisks and it isn’t as clear as it once was. For now it is just an annoyance… … [Read more…]

Happy New Years… almost!

Well today we spent cleaning. I am tell you, with all the cleaning we have done, our house is going to sparkle! Actually when I say cleaning, I mean organizing. Nathaniel has a train collection that is starting to eat other toys! So we had to control it. With everything that we are cleaning/organizing we … [Read more…]

Snow from this weekend…

This was suppose to be a dusting. It was clearly more though. After German school, Max wanted to go out to play in the snow. Here is what he did! We are actually quite warm right now here, so his snowman has all but melted. However the extended forecast says he has another chance to … [Read more…]