Update # 4

Now it is starting to RAIN! Our street is more like a river… well maybe not quite but certainly on the sides. It is starting to get darker and rain is hitting our windows. I am typing this out on the wrong computer but I did take photographs. I am seeing the sheets of rain … [Read more…]

Update 3 today

It started to rain about 1 hour ago. It isn’t raining very hard but it is steady. I am not seeing any flooding. It isn’t dark inside the house either. It just seems to be like a normal rainy day. Jennifer

Update number 2 today…

 I took these first 2 photos this morning right before we went for our walk. A friend asked if I had a corded phone as hers wasn’t working. So I brought it over and the roads didn’t seem that bad. So I drove to Trader Joes to get some syrup that would be nice. I … [Read more…]

So far…

 Obviously this has to be the photo of the day! We never see that! Tonight we went for a walk because I wanted to see how the sky’s looked and also how other people prepared today. We had one neighbor board up his front windows but the rest of the people don’t look prepared at … [Read more…]