Cars and things…

This is Max playing with his cars tonight. The board behind him is a car ramp. As you can see, we got creative. In other news Tony has an interview on Thursday (position would be here) and will likely have another one on the following week (position in Cambridge, MA). So like it seems to … [Read more…]

Tonight’s update….

Max doing his favorite activity… playing with trucks. Well I had intended to write more today but I didn’t think it was needed. Because Tony was up half or even more then that, of the night last night I thought I would take Max to church this morning as the storm did look over when … [Read more…]

Update # 1

Well Tony woke me up around 2:30 am this morning to tell me that we were under a tornado watch. At about 3 am we decided to go down into the basement and at 3:20 we got the all clear. It took Max about an hour to go back to sleep. Tony sadly hasn’t got … [Read more…]

Final update today…

It is a bit windyer right now and the rain is clearly coming down in sheets. Max is doing well as is Fenway. Tony will stay up for a bit and keep an eye on things as this storm goes through. That is all for now. Let’s see what the morning brings.Jennifer

Update # 6

We still have power and had a nice dinner of lentil soup. The basement is fairing well. We have a few leaks but the french drain around the inside of the basement seems to be containing that well. Our sump pump is our friend right now! Rain is constant but lighter at times then heavy. … [Read more…]