New numbers!!

Hello! Well I have my numbers for yesterday. My HCG level is 1202!! My Progesterone is 400! Both numbers are high. I am told that my ultrasound will be next tuesday more then likely. I can’t wait!! Talk to you more Friday with the new results!! Jennifer

We found the egg!!

Hello everyone!! Well it is true. I have had 2 blood tests and I am pregnant. The first one I had a HCG level of 186 (12 days past IUI) and the second one was 350 (14 days past IUI). These levels are high so we are hoping it is only twins if multiples. I … [Read more…]

Post IUI RE visit

Hello everyone!! Well Tony and I are in the wonderful land of boxes!!! However I wanted to drop a quick note telling people about my visit with the RE yesterday. He told me that I had 2 normal cysts and 4 bleeding cysts (“hemoratic” if that is how you spell it). My ovaries are HUGE … [Read more…]


Hello, Well Saturday I went and had my IUI or insemination done. It went smoothly and no concerns there. I rested for the majority of the rest of the day. Yesterday I did a bit more but I should be careful for the next 2 weeks or so. I can’t do any heavy lifting, which … [Read more…]

Scary day…

Hello! Well yesterday I went for my ultrasound and bloodwork. My doctor tells me that I have 2 mature follicles on my right and a whopping 6 on my left!! That means that it is, theoretically, possible that I will release 8 eggs. However I think this is unlikely and even if I do who … [Read more…]