Our trip…

Leaving at 3 am! On Grandpa’s boat…  Fenway learning about the boat… Max reading!  At Busch Gardens  Feeding a kangaroo! Zebras! Nachos that Tony was waiting to try!  All this work causes a tired Max!  This is the fire pit that my mom and step father had. It was in one piece when my step … [Read more…]

Shocking people!

Yesterday I was a Debbie Downer about this cycle working. Today I am not. I felt more cramping yesterday so that made me feel everything is okay. I also found myself crying at a news story on the radio about the Israel and what they are going through right now. Then later in the day … [Read more…]

Photo overload!!

Today Max and I went to a museum with some friends. The museum was on pre-industrial age. Max did some hands on things… Then we walked around a bit… Max on a “buggy” Awww fine pewter! Meat making! This is the center atrium. Very full! Candy making I loved the chamberpot wheel chair.  Printing press … [Read more…]

WAY too much stuff!

We went apple picking on Saturday. Max had a lot of fun in his new boots.  They have chickens that he can feed at that farm. So, of coarse, Max had to feed them. He learned really quickly that he can’t hold the food in his hands as the chickens were “not nice”.  My mother … [Read more…]