Max skating today…

The weather is MUCH colder so the video is much clearer. However this posed another problem, how to keep from laughing when watching him skate!

Oh that silly Nathaniel!

Here are some photos from over the weekend last weekend that were on Tony’s phone. We had an eventful night tonight. My intention was to make the “mama fish” from a previous post along with french fries. Not very Paleo but I am using up stuff. Well I turned on the oven and before I … [Read more…]

My boys

The video from yesterday with me making vroom vroom noises and Nathaniel squealing with delight! Today Max needed to go to the dentist. So it was time for the measuring up against the wall! I figured since Nathaniel was still inside me last time, I would put him up too! So first Max. The photo … [Read more…]

No photo but…

I got a great photo of Nathaniel that I will post after Max’s dentist appointment and schoolwork. So tomorrow will have photos and a video!