Janus part 4

Well as you can see it is still coming down. These were taken a bit ago. You really can’t tell where the sidewalk, grass or road is now. Tony is on his way home finally. Max wants to go outside but this weather is something I really don’t want him playing in with the wind.

Janus part 3

I took all of these on the way back home from getting our hair cut. There is at least 2-3 inches of snow on the ground and it didn’t really start snowing here till about 9:45. So assuming 3 inches, it is snowing about 1 inch an hour right now. However it looks more blizzard … [Read more…]

Cooking today…

I thought I would start showing on here some of the wonderful things we are cooking in our house. Here is my first post in that regard. Yesterday I was finally able to get plantains at Aldi (only 0.19 a piece!!) so today I asked Max if he wanted pancakes. Well if you know Max, … [Read more…]

The musings of a 37 year old housewife…

I should have a photo for today and maybe I will by the end of the day, but right now I don’t have one. So instead I thought I would talk about my least favorite topic. Cleaning the house. I hate cleaning. The thought of it makes me have almost a fight or flight response. … [Read more…]