Ikea before the fire alarm. Nathaniel and the bunny he made. 🙂 Ugg! So yesterday I went to my primary care doctor thinking he would tell me a whole list of things that I could take to boost my immune system. I didn’t get that (though in the past he has done that for people… … [Read more…]


I am sorry we haven’t had much on the blog recently. I actually had a lot to say, but since the only device that I have right now that is really 100% mine is my iPhone, typing a lot just hasn’t been in the cards. A few months ago I let Nathaniel use my iPad … [Read more…]

Nathaniel being 3

Nathaniel has been sick so not photogenic. He is slowly on the mend. Here he is about to jump. We try to discourage this but you know 3 year olds.