Yes it has been VERY busy here!

That doesn’t mean we haven’t had fun though. 🙂 Just to recap. We are (hopefully) almost done with our home study to foster to adopt a girl (maybe 2). In February we had a class that we needed to take that was twice a week at night. When we were about to finish that class, … [Read more…]

Here we are!!

I started writing this post 11 days ago. Yeah it has been that hectic here! Well we are chugging along. Very busy with the classes we are taking for fostering. One of the things that the class forced us to do, is think about meal planning differently. We are gone at night till about 9pm. … [Read more…]

Long awaited update…

I was ill 2 weeks ago. Really ill. I had a 103 temperature at one point and tylenol was barely denting it. Not sure what I had but an antibiotic seem to help me enough to get me on my feet. However it also was short lived as last week I was sort of dragging … [Read more…]

This week-ish…

I thought I would have more time to write on the blog but sadly I haven’t found the time. However here I am. Our week-ish hasn’t been that eventful. So I will get right to it. Max did sing for a belated Christmas program at German School but he didn’t sing. Rather then posting that, … [Read more…]

Utt Oh! That was a bit too long!

Okay, yes I had to switch themes on the blog again. I really don’t like doing that as it confuses many people but I had to. I honestly had think a bit on how to login today as the theme changed without my knowledge and it took away my ability to log in! A bit … [Read more…]