Our life this week…

Nathaniel swimming. Before you watch it please be aware that yes I know he is under the water for a bit swimming. I talked to his instructor and Nathaniel is the opposite of Max. He likes to be more underwater. When they are practicing Nathaniel does lift his head up, but when he does it … [Read more…]


I have some interesting photos and video but I am not on my phone right now. One day everything will run smoothly… I hope. So what have we been up to. Well first off I have been trying to learn german in the hope that I can help Max with his schoolwork. So far it … [Read more…]


Ikea before the fire alarm. Nathaniel and the bunny he made. 🙂 Ugg! So yesterday I went to my primary care doctor thinking he would tell me a whole list of things that I could take to boost my immune system. I didn’t get that (though in the past he has done that for people… … [Read more…]


I am sorry we haven’t had much on the blog recently. I actually had a lot to say, but since the only device that I have right now that is really 100% mine is my iPhone, typing a lot just hasn’t been in the cards. A few months ago I let Nathaniel use my iPad … [Read more…]

Nathaniel being 3

Nathaniel has been sick so not photogenic. He is slowly on the mend. Here he is about to jump. We try to discourage this but you know 3 year olds.