Videos and more

Okay I have had a request for photos of my kitchen since we are redoing it a bit. I think this is hard to photograph in stills and talk about what we are doing so Monday I made a video of the kitchen and what we have done to Max’s/Nathaniel’s room. Note at the end … [Read more…]

Our trip to Florida

  We had a great time and learned a lot about what we would do if we were to do this again. Clearly we can have fun just using the transportation to the different places. Imagine if we would have done that to eat it would have been fun, albeit expensive. We are gradually trying … [Read more…]

Well that was something

I really didn’t think that I had that much going on this week then I looked back through my photos and found some interesting ones and realized that nothing is sometimes a good thing. I started this week not feeling great. However now on Friday I am fine. I attribute this to my supplements I … [Read more…]

We are here!!

Well last week I had my phone die on me. So I needed to get a new one. It was under warranty so it was basically a refurbished old one. I want the new iPhone when it comes out next year. So that is our plan. Anyway because of that we have very few photos … [Read more…]

This week in our house…

We had a rather normal uneventful week. We started out wanting to watch the rocket take off from Virginia. They said we would be able to see it from New Jersey (they said even Boston!). So we went outside to look for it. Here is what we saw: If you look really closely you might … [Read more…]