Our Day

This is how our day started…     And this is how it ended…   Yes we issues with the Camry yesterday. It wouldn’t start. Turns out it needed a tune up. So that wasn’t horrible but still wasn’t fun. The boys and I ended up taking the bus to where the car was and … [Read more…]

Yum! Food!

    Well Nathaniel has decided that he wanted to eat food. Not just milk. So Saturday he had his first pop tart. Not the chalk like pop tarts that come in a foil like bag, 2 to a pack, 3 packs to a box type of pop tart, but the Mama made kind of … [Read more…]

Christmas and…

Well we had a relaxing Christmas… well at least as relaxing as we can have with 2 children. We went to services Christmas Eve night (not midnight services) and Nathaniel talked his way through the sermon. Clearly he had more to add that the pastor didn’t think of! What was more impressive then this was … [Read more…]