Beta test today….

I got my blood test results today! Here is a recap of my prior pregnancies beta tests:Triplets – 12 days past the IUI (so this was done quite early compared to the other betas) – 186Baby D – 14 days past a 3 day transfer (Baby E is from this cycle) – 434Baby F (also … [Read more…]

Our trip…

Leaving at 3 am! On Grandpa’s boat…  Fenway learning about the boat… Max reading!  At Busch Gardens  Feeding a kangaroo! Zebras! Nachos that Tony was waiting to try!  All this work causes a tired Max!  This is the fire pit that my mom and step father had. It was in one piece when my step … [Read more…]

Shocking people!

Yesterday I was a Debbie Downer about this cycle working. Today I am not. I felt more cramping yesterday so that made me feel everything is okay. I also found myself crying at a news story on the radio about the Israel and what they are going through right now. Then later in the day … [Read more…]

Baby E

Baby E before freezing Baby E after defrosting.  I haven’t felt much today which is worrying to me of coarse. However I know that since Baby E never hatched it could just be slow in doing that. About a minute ago I did fell the pinch that I associate with implantation, but I will have … [Read more…]