Utt Oh! That is a leak!!

The other night Tony heard a dripping sound. Now if it was me, I would have assumed that we just had a slight clog in one of our pipes or the toilet was dripping in the drain or something like that. Not Tony! He wanted to find the source of the leak. So he went … [Read more…]

New Video’s of Max!

Yesterday was the last day of ice skating till NOVEMBER! Season is very short here. Anyway, Max passed his class, but the bad thing is because of his age, he sort of didn’t pass his class. I didn’t realize that they start so young I guess. So next year he will be in a “basic” … [Read more…]

Nathaniel’s on the move…

and there is no stopping him!! I took this today when I was on the computer and he got away from me. He went all the way to the living room and started playing with Max’s toys! Max would have never done that. He was too much of a mama’s boy. Clearly Nathaniel isn’t like … [Read more…]