Brotherly love

I took this photo today of the boys. They are really each other’s best friend. They do everything together and they love it! Yesterday they had swim class. Now these videos are not the best quality. Sometimes you try your best, but it is better then nothing. Max: Max playing before class: And Nathaniel swimming: … [Read more…]

Report cards

Today the children got their report cards from German school. They both did fairly well. I am always nervous about it but both were on target which is great. They were not issued letter grades it was more words then letters. We relaxed for the most part since we have been home. We are finding … [Read more…]


Well today we decided to change Max’s spelling curriculum. We have been waffling on his spelling for a few months now, but today we decided it was just too much. He seems to have stalled with what we were using. We have really given it our all but it was time to try something else. … [Read more…]

Shiny things…

Today both boys were able to attend their German school. YAY!! I wasn’t sure about Nathaniel but in the end, I thought it was time. Sadly Tony and I are not doing that well. I am okay as long as I am on Advil but when I am not on it, I feel AWFUL. Tony … [Read more…]

Having fun…

I thought I would post about the last couple of days on here. Here is Nathaniel playing. His hair was wild and there was nothing I could do about it. It was the weather more then anything. Secondly, we have completed our 4th and final step in implementing Accountable Kids program. Because of this we … [Read more…]