Update for Cycle day 11 IVF.

Well I just got back from my follicle check. My data:Lining – 11.4Follicle count (big ones these are around 14) – 15Small follicle count (less then 10) – 13The three that I had that were larger are now back in line with the other ones. So that is good! I will go back on Monday … [Read more…]

IVF Cycle day 9 Updated!

Hello everyone! Well here is my new information from my appointment this morning. Data:I have 13 follicals less then 10mm total on both sides.I have 13 follicals bigger then 10mm total on both sides. Out of those 10 are roughly the same size and 3 are roughly bigger then the rest. I have 10 large … [Read more…]

IVF Cycle day 8

Hello everyone! As you can see we are starting to get many tomatoes. I have yet to try them but Tony has and they are quite good. At least that is what he says. As you can see we are also getting peppers finally! This one is a Anaheim Chili… at least that is what … [Read more…]

Cycle Day 6 of IVF cycle

Well I have an update today. I went to the RE and I have a lot of little follicals and 3 that are considered “measurable.” Not that they are not all measureable it is just means that they measure when they are over 10 mm. Data:I have between 27 and 29 follicals less then 10 … [Read more…]

My news today…

Well I had a good appointment at the RE today. No cysts, and I can start tomorrow with my stimulating drugs. Woo Hoo! I will be reducing my lupron to 0.05 ML and adding Gonal F 150 IU once a day. That is lower Gonal F then I was on with my IUI cycle. I … [Read more…]