Our Consult…

We got back from our consult today. It was in the evening so therefore the late posting of this today. My doctor was very relieved to hear that all outward signs of infection (fever, chills and so on) were gone. I guess he has heard about really bad things happening, and since it is very … [Read more…]

Embryo Pictures

This is a picture of the grade 4.5 embryo that we transfered. This is a picture of the grade 5 embryo. It is hard to tell the differance in them but there they are. Now I would like to play a game. Please vote in our poll to tell me what gender you think they … [Read more…]

News on the other embryo’s

We will have one frozen. It is the other 4.5 grade one. The other one didn’t look right to their standards and therefore it is thought that it wouldn’t survive the thaw or freeze. The grade that it is being frozen is 4AB. Let me break that down. The 4 refers to the size. This … [Read more…]

Embryo Transfer

First of all I would like to mention that today is the 1 year anniversary of my giving birth to the three wonderful lights in Tony’s and my life. Even though they were here for a brief moment in time they will always be in our hearts. I am sure that they are looking after … [Read more…]

Embryo Report Day 2

Hello, Well we got our phone call. I guess we have 1 – 6 celled embryo, and 3 – 4 celled embryo’s. The final embryo never divided and is still 1 celled. Our transfer will be tomorrow at 1:45. They will decide which two of the 3 – 4 celled (currently) embryo’s that we will … [Read more…]