I just wanted to update again. My appointment for the blood test is going to be tomorrow evening so I will not get the results till late Wednesday. Maya – Maya, the minivan, had a mouse eat through some of the wiring and so we are going to have to get that fixed. It is … [Read more…]

Quick update…

I got my period today so that means that I can go to the dentist tomorrow and go to the doctor on Tuesday. Please pray that my beta went down that last little point. We are so ready to move on and we need this last little hurdle to pass before we can. In other … [Read more…]

Frozen baby…

Well we finally got a scanner so therefore I can share with you a picture of our frozen baby. As you can see I have started a poll of what I should call this baby. My intial thought is that this should be Frozen Baby A, since we will likely have to more then one … [Read more…]

Cycle day 3 of lupron cycle # 3.

Hello everyone! My appointment yesterday was very strange. I went to a satalight office and they don’t have a Thursday US tech there at the moment so the doctor did the US. Talk about a busy office! Anyway, he is not the doctor that does all of my IVF stuff so he looked at my … [Read more…]

Start of IVF attempt #3, IVF #2…

Well I am finally on a cycle again! I can’t tell you how happy I was to see that come this morning. Last Friday I took a home pregnancy test just to see if the HCG was out of my system. That is the hormone that pregnant people produce. Well to my shock the test … [Read more…]