Questions that have been asked and answers…

Hello, I forgot to answer a question yesterday so I am going to do it now. I have also been asked another question. Question #1 – How many embryo’s will we put back? We will put back 2 embryo’s. We are doing IVF to control how many children we have. I know that is not … [Read more…]

Our update today…

I got the call that I have all 12 with 8 cells today (completely on track). So right on track (today is day 3). She said that they are all looking really good. I pressed her a little and she said that I do have a few that have a little fragmentation (funny looking on … [Read more…]

Our update

I am shocked. Of our 12 fertilized embryo’s we still have 12 today! They are all dividing and are looking good. We will do a 5 day transfer on Tuesday at 9:30 am. I will get another update tomorrow. Thank you for your continued prayers!Jennifer

About my egg retrieval…

I was trying yesterday to make one post about how the embryo’s are doing (or how many fertilized) and on the same post, talk about my egg retrieval and how I am feeling. Since I seem to get busy at the same time as I get my reports, I am writing now in 2 posts. … [Read more…]

Sorry this is a quick post too….

Out of my 15 eggs I have 12 that fertlized! I am beyond thrilled. I will find out tomorrow if I have a 3 day transfer or 5 day. Thank you for the prayers!Jennifer