My nutritionist appointment was moved up. I now go tomorrow. So that moves up all of my other appointments including our “offical IVF” consult. So we are offically meeting with the RE about IVF on March 27th. This may or may not do anything about when we actually do the IVF cycle since some of … [Read more…]

Our RE consult…

Okay well I just got back from the RE. He was sad to see us and agreed with everything that my Peri said about my next coarse of action. I should do IVF and only put back 2 embryos. He said that I will be at risk for OHSS and that I will be at … [Read more…]


Happy Ash Wednesday! Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. I meant to but got busy doing other things. Anyway, I have uploaded some pictures from when it snowed last week. Ironicly as I write this I am thinking how warm outside is now. However I know everyone loves pictures. I was able to convince Tony that … [Read more…]

Quick note

Edited to say: Problems fixed with link. Sorry about the confusion.Hello, I finally got permission from my father to allow people to see his blog on my sister Saphron who he is adopting from China. To see that blog click on the link in the sidebar of this blog. Not much else happening with me. … [Read more…]