Hello! Well I don’t have a lot to share but I thought I would write something. Yesterday I went in for my blood test and while I was there I asked what my beta result was from Friday. To my surprise it was 33486 but what really surprised me was my progesterone which was 216. … [Read more…]

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to write to say that I had my blood test yesterday. Near as I can tell it went well since I didn’t hear back from them. I haven’t been able to sew like I had hoped. I have been feeling worse the last few days and doing everything I can think of … [Read more…]

Tuesday, Tuesday….

Hello everyone! Well my morning sickness is still around and getting stronger by the day. Although I wouldn’t call it “morning” sickness. It is more “evening” sickness if not “all day” sickness. Still just queeziness though. As some of you may know we got a storm yesterday that actually gave us a bit of snow. … [Read more…]

Update on my update…

Well I got a call today saying that I should reduce my progestrone injections to once a day, down from twice a day. So I will be doing that in the morning. That works best for Tony’s work, workout, and schooling schedualing (I did mention that Tony is going to school one day a week … [Read more…]

Update #1

Hello everyone! Well I am back from the RE and it was a bit confusing. I have a new due date of 10/10 but that still could change. I found out that my beta was REALLY high on Saturday (4800+, from 1796 on Thursday). Right now they are only seeing one sack but I know … [Read more…]