Hello everyone!

Well sorry for no picture today but there is a good reason why. We went down to the doctor yesterday and about 1/2 way there we had a rock from a dump truck fly up and hit our windshield. It hit right where the rear view mirror attaches to the window. So pieces of glass … [Read more…]

13 weeks according to junior…

Hello everyone! Well I just wanted to write a quick update on our appointment last night. It went well. It was sad to think that I will not be going there (other then to see the nutritionist) for almost 2 years now if all goes well. We talked about how the pregnancy is going, and … [Read more…]

12 weeks 3 days… according to Junior.

Junior with legs and arm by head. This picture was taken from a different angle. Junior is on their head. So the head is down and the body is up. This is juniors spot right now. As you can see we don’t have any 3D ultrasounds this time. However we have lots of pictures. Junior … [Read more…]

Quick note today…

Many people have asked if, and when I will be finding out gender on Junior. With the triplets we found out at 16 weeks. However this pregnancy is not considered “high risk” so I am unsure when I will be having ultrasounds. I do know that I will be doing the “level 2” ultrasound that … [Read more…]

11 weeks 3 days…

Hello everyone! I hope everyone had a good Easter. I spent it like I have for 3 Easters in my 31 years. That being in the bathroom. So you can guess what I think of when I think of Easter (sadly). Anyway, today I am feeling much better! I had Tony take a picture of … [Read more…]