Video day!!

First up is Max at ice skating class. It is unusually warm today so the ice (which is outside in an inclosed structure) was steaming. This made the hockey glass around the rink steam up so the video is only so good. The good news these videos are far better then what Tony and I … [Read more…]

Our Day

This is how our day started…     And this is how it ended…   Yes we issues with the Camry yesterday. It wouldn’t start. Turns out it needed a tune up. So that wasn’t horrible but still wasn’t fun. The boys and I ended up taking the bus to where the car was and … [Read more…]

Max at skating lessons!!

He is in the blue helmet. I recommend that you turn off the volume when watching. I took the video and I was in a warmer area because I had Nathaniel. The voices that are heard are of some loud parents next to me. I say nothing and you can not hear Max.