Max playing baseball

Max is in a brown shirt and jeans. Max hitting. He doesn’t seem to get the concept of batting practice. He hits the ball and then doesn’t get that he should put it back and do it again. Max throwing.

New Video’s of Max!

Yesterday was the last day of ice skating till NOVEMBER! Season is very short here. Anyway, Max passed his class, but the bad thing is because of his age, he sort of didn’t pass his class. I didn’t realize that they start so young I guess. So next year he will be in a “basic” … [Read more…]

Where did the time go?

Okay I am several days late in updating the blog. However we have been very busy! Last week because of the snow and cold, I couldn’t go grocery shopping. Seeing that I didn’t need plantains from Aldi, I figured shopping with Tony on the weekend wouldn’t be bad. So I put it off. However this … [Read more…]