Max’s fun!

Max was able paint a few times this week. He really enjoys it. He also made an observation when I was cooking eggs this week. He saw the sun shining though the window, over the stove and hitting the wall. Max said that there was “water” on the wall. I tried to explain to him … [Read more…]

Max’s first week of school

These were all taken Monday but it shows what we doing. Today, for instance, I was trying to teach Max what the word “different” means in practical terms. We did this with blocks. We also did a variation on the game Simon. I would touch 3 to 4 items and have Max copy me.

First post today… schooling for Max…

I ordered Calvert Pre-K homeschool curriculum for Max. Here is what is in the box.  Box just opened.  Packing material removed.  Inside the “school box” was pipe cleaners, unit counting blocks (don’t know what else to call those), crayons, a pencil sharpener, a plastic needle, 2 pencils, and watercolor paint with brush.  There are a … [Read more…]