Max and school

I forgot a photo for today. Max has been doing well in school. Drawing for him seems a weak point but it is also somewhat comical too. Perhaps I will take a photo of that soon.

Where I have been…

I have felt really bad about not posting on here. Trust me it has been weighing on me heavily. As you might have seen me elude to, we have a typical 3 year old boy. He has been challenging us non stop since he has been born, but recently it became a HUGE challenge. Tony … [Read more…]

Humpty Dumpty

Max made this with help from me. This week Max started to learn about money. We are giving him a quarter for good things he does with a dollar being the most he can earn in a day. He donates 1 in 5 quarters to God then he can spend the other 4. In the … [Read more…]