A little country…

Caution politics is mentioned in this post. Today my heart and mind was with the people who marched for life in DC and elsewhere. Those events are always inspiring. I just wish the media would report them. Instead CNN talked about a march that didn’t even occur today and ignored (typical) the March for Life. … [Read more…]


Well today I messed up. Actually it was last night. I was so tired that I wrote a post and forgot to publish it on here. Oops! It is published now and I started working on Flylady stuff so I can go through the 31 Baby Steps starting on January 1 on here (I am … [Read more…]


I am in a group online of homeschoolers. It is a fairly active group which I like. A few days ago a woman came on asking for a prayer request for her brother. It seems he was hanging Christmas lights outside and fell off the ladder injuring his head in the process. He fell in … [Read more…]