Max At The Moment

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Max’s Weekend.

Well Max did well this weekend. He played a lot and he helped Tony and I get some things done around the house. I have some video’s to share: Max eating peas… This bird my mother got him. He figured out rather quickly that he could jump like the bird. So he did. Unfortunately he … [Read more…]

Max today…

This was taken April 1st. Max has been doing well. He slept well last night. Tonight he is going to have peas for the first time. I hope he likes it. We have been hanging around the house today. That is good since over the weekend we will likely be busy. So that means that … [Read more…]

Max today…

Well sorry about yesterday. I got busy and ended up having no time. Max did rather well yesterday. I started trying to put him to bed roughly 2 hours after he woke up and this worked well most of the day. He is not a sleeper like I was (I have been told that I … [Read more…]