Happy Ash Wednesday! Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. I meant to but got busy doing other things. Anyway, I have uploaded some pictures from when it snowed last week. Ironicly as I write this I am thinking how warm outside is now. However I know everyone loves pictures. I was able to convince Tony that … [Read more…]

This week in our lives.

Hello, Well on Saturday we went out dancing for the first time in over a year. For those who don’t know we do ballroom dancing. Both of us got sore from the experience but I think we are all fine now. It was amazing on both how much we forgot and how much we remembered. … [Read more…]

The last week

Hello, Not much new to report. Tony’s father was in town over the weekend but it was too cold to do much. So we went grocery shopping and played with a puzzle. On Sunday he went home and Tony and I watched the Superbowl. It was intresting in the first half but I feel that … [Read more…]

Quick note

Edited to say: Problems fixed with link. Sorry about the confusion.Hello, I finally got permission from my father to allow people to see his blog on my sister Saphron who he is adopting from China. To see that blog click on the link in the sidebar of this blog. Not much else happening with me. … [Read more…]