My Tony Peppers day 7…

I know you have all been anxiously waiting me to post this! This is my pepper update for the day. Still no Habanero! I don’t quite know what is up with that. Maybe it has something to do with the longer gestational time of that pepper?? Hope all is well with everyone! Jennifer

My Peppers for Tony Day 6

Here are our pepper plants starting to grow! I thought I would post a message everyday so you can see the progress. The peppers are in groups of 3 by 3 Top set: Jalapeno/Habanero Bottom set: Anaheim/Sweet Banana I will post again tomorrow! Jennifer

Hello Everyone!!

Okay now I am sure that many of you are not happy with me right now. I should have posted this earlier this week. I do have a good excuse though. My mother came into town on Wednesday and I was spending time with her. She left this afternoon so therefore I can write now. … [Read more…]

Scenes from a wet Norwegian…

As most of you have heard I am sure, we had a nor’easter blow through hear over the last few days. Here are pictures from Monday. Tony wasn’t able to get to work that day because of the flooding in this very flat state. This shows some flooding. If you look right below the tree … [Read more…]

Our big day yesterday.

Hello everyone! Well we had a huge day yesterday. We got a ton of things done and that is always good. I had blood test done (took two nurses to find my veins, the whole time I was asking if they wanted my flashlight!) I also had a mock transfer. This was essentially where they … [Read more…]