Hello Everyone!

Last week Tony and I went out to lunch with one of Emily’s primary nurses. That was nice as it is always good to see any of them. I experienced more of the feeling of the children last week. This time I thought it was Emily. On Wednesday I went to get our minivan washed … [Read more…]

An update…

Hello, I have put up pictures of the puzzles that we recently put together. It came to my attention that some people may like to see them. The one with the water is Manarola, Italy. The castle is Kilkenny Castle in Ireland. I went to my new Obgyn on Thursday. He seemed nice and I … [Read more…]


Happy Ash Wednesday! Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. I meant to but got busy doing other things. Anyway, I have uploaded some pictures from when it snowed last week. Ironicly as I write this I am thinking how warm outside is now. However I know everyone loves pictures. I was able to convince Tony that … [Read more…]