IVF Cycle day 8

Hello everyone! As you can see we are starting to get many tomatoes. I have yet to try them but Tony has and they are quite good. At least that is what he says. As you can see we are also getting peppers finally! This one is a Anaheim Chili… at least that is what … [Read more…]

My news today…

Well I had a good appointment at the RE today. No cysts, and I can start tomorrow with my stimulating drugs. Woo Hoo! I will be reducing my lupron to 0.05 ML and adding Gonal F 150 IU once a day. That is lower Gonal F then I was on with my IUI cycle. I … [Read more…]

The last week…

Well not much has been happening with us. We had an uneventful 4th of July. I thought it might be worse on me then it was since that is the 1 year aniversary of me going into the hospital. But I got through it okay. Since then not much has been happening. I am continuing … [Read more…]


Well this picture is the best one I have of Cudsue. Cudsue is a vine that grows on anything. This picture shows it all over some trees. It was taken in South Carolina and at about 60 mph. Ha ha! These are my flowers… And this is my Grape tomato plant and my peppers. And … [Read more…]