Max and I and…

The last photo is a photo of my tv that took last night while watching the ice skating nationals. They had a bumper that showed ice that I thought I recognized. So I took this photo and sent it to my dad to see if it is where my sisters ice skate/train. It was. In … [Read more…]


Hello,  Sorry I haven’t posted for a week. Every time I thought I was doing better something would happen and I would be set back. Tomorrow is the 6th anniversary of loosing Alexander and the 2 year anniversary of me getting my remission status. I normally have a hard time with this date, but with … [Read more…]

Small update

We had a fun weekend last weekend. We did some gardening, and then cleaned out both cars yesterday. This sounds like a small task but honestly it hadn’t been done to the Camry since I was pregnant with the triplets! We had a few things in there from that time. So we vacuumed it out, … [Read more…]